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The Gift never simply begins; the idea has always been with and within us all and long before your first breath. Love is not an emotion, it’s an action and not unlike that which your life is to others both, whether in the give of or the giving to, are sacred and meant to be expressed.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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A Day for Every Day!

Strip away the glitter and colored lights, silence the guns that rhetoric ignites. The Christmas message is pure and sweet; love is a candle and you are its light!

Mankind is in a desperate struggle; the enemy is neither a devil nor is it a nation-state; the fight occurs between the image we indulge and the reality that is. One is simple, fashionable and transient while the other is what is absolute and seems so unachievable.

Love is neither fashionable nor transient, either simple or unachievable. It must only and ever be absolute and for this reason it must matter for if it is to be meaningful it must mean everything!

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