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Stock Market Plundering Proves Serious Defect in Globalized Market

Consolidating Monetary Policy into a Globalized Cabal has been the long-planned goal of the Fractional Banking System; this is a fact and the greatest defect in fiat monetary policy. Other than the fact that it is impossible for this system to allow wages to keep pace with its own mandatory levels of inflation, is that it functions only so long as inflation persists and ever expanding fields of plunder are made available.

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The Obama Factor

March 16, 2009

For the last eighteen months I’ve been satisfying a profound curiosity by studying, researching and reading all things Obama.  The man fascinates me!  I’m intrigued by the way his cabal has been able to mastermind his ascension to the Throne. Truly remarkable!

Not to ignore the fact that with reference to all things sane, salient and substantively providential, I find him the complete antithesis of each.

His ethos emulates great social antagonists of the past/present.  The list is quite large, here are a few and the most conspicuous:

  • Caligula
  • Marie Antoinette
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