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Seeding Inflation: The Economic Cure

 The illusion of complexity is merely a device of concealment used to deflect the obvious and common sense. 

The great drama of Politics has become so detached from economic realities that it no longer views fiscal matters in terms of fundamentals but in terms of temporary resolutions or transient and soon forgotten consequence. One moment saving Wall Street from certain collapse and the next crafting meaningful and insightful pandering policy while few seem to take notice of the great charade taking place; all in the name of saving a dying economic paradigm. 

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The Psychology of Inducement

“The fractured American Economy is a predictable consequence of having extended seriously flawed economic theory to the expansive architecture of global order. Combine these features with a predatory monetary policy and an unbridled lust for foreign entanglements and the distance between the truly inspired and what becomes of it by compromise is now measured in light-years….”  

For years I’ve argued in opposition to the prevailing economic theory of both Keynesian and Supply-Side Economics and for a very good reason; these theories articulate a theoretical premise based on the aggregation of stoic after-the-fact events and then apply the very same theoretical premise and its pre-cast and asymmetrical attributions to nascent economic processes.  The result of course is always the same: A predictable outcome that always fails. 

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Flat Earth Econ

February 6, 2009

 One of the great thrills of writing these posting is that I get to exchange with you ideas that are crafted, largely, from spontaneous thoughts occurring in instances where I’m speaking in front of a group or I barking at the radio!

“Flat Earth Idolatry” (FEI)  is just one of the spontaneous thoughts!   I coined the word to capture the though of observed, by me of course,  instances were an event is being expressed as a “given” when in fact it is based on completely erroneous assumptions.  The kind of event that when one observes its occurrence you find yourself saying, “oh come one, who do they think they’re kidding!”

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