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One Office At A Time

The future is what you make of it; how you get there is what you vote for. Much about this country’s political/socio-economic platform is a direct reflection of the public expectation; having come to expect something for nothing it then follows that the outcome is really not unexpected; now is it!

Most Americans have turned their back on the ballot box and in some way who can blame them however, that is part of the “change” strategy/platform; turn the system against itself and it will collapse. It’s time, seriously, way past time that Americans re-acquire their sovereign state and though you may not like the Candidates made available, two choices still remain:

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Division of Democracy; 4 Billion Indicators

Regardless of the 2014 Mid-term outcome(s) it’s high-time we resolve a serious threat to our Democracy. It is estimated that over 4 Billion Dollars will have been spent on the Mid-terms; 4 Billion Dollars and for what? The process as it is amounts to nothing more than an open invitation for predator-like feeding upon the democratic process and an accommodation to the political process of division; the turning of the American People against themselves.

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Seeding Inflation: The Economic Cure

 The illusion of complexity is merely a device of concealment used to deflect the obvious and common sense. 

The great drama of Politics has become so detached from economic realities that it no longer views fiscal matters in terms of fundamentals but in terms of temporary resolutions or transient and soon forgotten consequence. One moment saving Wall Street from certain collapse and the next crafting meaningful and insightful pandering policy while few seem to take notice of the great charade taking place; all in the name of saving a dying economic paradigm. 

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