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Iran – Financial Policy of Crisis

Regimes possessing global ambitions love a crisis. The process creates a vacuum whereby quiet intensions may articulate an advantage under the cover of chaos. Throughout history this method is frequently a diversionary tactic often observed in the “Trojan Horse” or “Divide and Conquer” metaphors. 

Not intending the notion of a history exam however the idea does offer a measure of value to exhibit how advantage can be gained from a crisis or how, in the case of a “manufactured crisis”, advantage can be assured.   Take for instance the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand (and his wife Sophia) in 1914.  A tragic moment in time to be sure but on its own, it would seem insignificant as a cause sufficient to trigger what history now refers to as World War I.  What is significant however is that this single incident marks a specific point in time were a series of events which followed find their “cover”.  

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