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A Revolution in Evolving

Recent comments by President Obama regarding his evolving position on the subject of same-sex relationships may at first appear as purely political (and it is) however it also exposes a revolving pathos which far too often becomes a substitute for sound governance.  In his own words, 

“…my feelings about this are constantly evolving….” 

A fluid pathos is not the same or should it ever be a substitute for a durable personal compass whose deferential reference must always be based on an equally durable law; which of course is not at all fluid. What we have been witnessing is A Revolution in Evolving; the near perpetual cycle of reengineering and redefining all things absolute. The most recent definition of Evolving is: to alter, shape and/or conform meaning, form and circumstance to suite an ambition which by its nature is not provable, durable or reliable. 

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