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A Revolution in Evolving

Recent comments by President Obama regarding his evolving position on the subject of same-sex relationships may at first appear as purely political (and it is) however it also exposes a revolving pathos which far too often becomes a substitute for sound governance.  In his own words, 

“…my feelings about this are constantly evolving….” 

A fluid pathos is not the same or should it ever be a substitute for a durable personal compass whose deferential reference must always be based on an equally durable law; which of course is not at all fluid. What we have been witnessing is A Revolution in Evolving; the near perpetual cycle of reengineering and redefining all things absolute. The most recent definition of Evolving is: to alter, shape and/or conform meaning, form and circumstance to suite an ambition which by its nature is not provable, durable or reliable. 

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Stand 4

April 4, 2009

Recently I had the occasion to spend some time with a group of folks.  It was a “dinner” of a sorts and I was invited to say a few words. It would be indiscrete of me to express much as to the details of the event so accept for now if you will that time was set aside to express a fond farewell to an individual who truly would be missed. 

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