Ted Cruz Risk Shows GOP Fracture & Why Any Dem Can Win

The ascendancy of one party over another is not so much a function of strength as it is a display of the loosing party’s weakness. Case in point: Obama won, both terms, simply because the GOP (first McCain and then Romney) Candidates were so contemptibly weak and where the GOP is concerned, this has become an endemic weakness. Cruz, and soon-to-come Rand Paul, has no choice but to advance the 2016 calendar, that is, if they want to stand apart from the GOP statists and if he wants the needed strength of an overwhelming groundswell (body count) to counter the blood-money flowing to the most-favored-statist, Jeb Bush.

The battle for votes will have to be won on-message and one that crosses party lines which is something Jeb Bush, Chris Christie and-the-like simply cannot do unless of course you’re looking for a champion of the lowest possible common denominator. Without the likes of Governors John Kasich (R-Oh), Nikki Haley (R-SC) or even Scott Walker (R-Wi) in the field, it is yet to be known if Cruz or Paul can distinguish themselves apart and above the inevitable media slaughter.

One thing is for certain; as in the case of Reagan it will be the strength of the GOP Candidate’s Message that will pull people to their feet and out to the voting booth. The turn-out will need not just determine who wins, it must also be, itself, a message that’s equally clear and indisputable: Succeed or we’ll storm the Capitol! No America this one isn’t free, this time you’re going to have to earn it!

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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