What Becomes to Fill the Void

Vision in shades of gray is akin to viewing the domain of what is possible through the narrow scope of a straw; we void both depth and texture and omit a far greater perspective. We need only remove the filter to expose ourselves to the fullness of the unobstructed spectrum and be relieved to discover that color has been present all along. 

As the GOP nomination process decelerates to a final resolution there will be several unanswered questions in search of answers; the American People will need to find them and it is my hope that they will be disciplined in expressing their interests 

American politics has evolved into a game that operates on a set of rules and in a field of play that most folks find to be an efficient sport of disorientation and as I have expressed no effort in concealing my opposition to the Romney-metaphor the fact remains that by the time the Pennsylvania Primary concludes the former Massachusetts Governor will likely find himself moving forward with no opposition. One should expect that Messer’s Gingrich and Santorum will fold camp and blend into the GOP-establishment and so Mr. Romney becomes the apparent nominee not on the strength of his Platform but by the mere fact that no viable alternatives exist and see this outcome not as a systemic success but more so indicative of a Nation having to concede its sacred Ideals in favor of the lowest-possible-common-denominator and no one wins the disparate-ideology battle.  

The Farmer finds himself in a distortion of his own making; he faults the crop he’s unable to harvest ignoring the fact that he never planted a single seed. 

So then, What Becomes to Fill the Void? In the coming months you will witness both sides of the isle caramelize their version into a distinct message the goal being to offer you their perspective of what your answer should be. It will likely come as no surprise that the message will polarize likely operating from a perspective of fear and hope; fear as to what will occur should the opposition be elected and hope being the alternative extended in exchange for your vote. Nothing new of course and yet, in the coming months, there exists a remarkable opportunity for a Presidential Candidate to break entirely new ground; to speak for an entire nation, to set forth an agenda built upon the Ideals which are common to all Americans; to be completely apolitical and yet deliberately specific as the issues (and the cause) that face this Nation setting forth a specific and ambitious plan for addressing each.  

Yes indeed, a remarkable opportunity for a Candidate to articulate a vision which plants the seed toward a robust harvest and in doing so this individual will be able to steps beyond the political vitriol and define what ultimately establishes a strategic composition well ahead-of-the-curve as it is presently perceived. Some might say this is what Politicians do and I will suggest that it is not; Politicians shape a projectile that becomes a carrot-platform based upon a false premise, e.g., free health care, free housing, free retirement, etc. each of which are government-inducement mechanisms based upon an assertion which introduces a mandate-attachment furthering a political bias or agenda and we’ve only to look at our fragmented social and economic apparatus to understand the consequential effects of this approach. The most immediate example which most closely approximates that to which I speak is observed in the challenge issued by President Kennedy when he stated, “I believe this nation should commit itself…of landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to the earth.”His is a profession-of-ambition articulating a vision upon which an entire nation, regardless of political party, might converge; he understood the value of a perfect message despite his personal imperfection and in so doing he managed to define both the moment and the message that embodies the vantage point of true leadership.  

Oscar Wilde wrote, “A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world.” Although his words intimate that a “dreamer” somehow suffers from a form of solitary confinement let us hope that we dare not prove his thought but instead move a great many dreamers out of the moonlight and into the common domain of a willing and able people.   

We need only remove the filter to expose ourselves to the fullness of the unobstructed spectrum and be relieved to discover that color has been present all along.  

Express your influence toward the perfecting of an Ideal; it is a seed worth planting! 

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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