When the Rule is Not the Law

“When government is able to assume a right to govern simply by the claim that it can, it then can also give license to impulse and impulse responses are rarely considerate, measured or functional.”  

This past week the Russian State exhibited the natural temptation of government licensed to operate at will; the monolithic mind-trap of interconnected fiefdoms did little to conceal its disfavor with a popular Punk Rock Group and the Russian Judicial System quickly fell rhythmically instep with party line handing the Punk Trio a two year sentence. In Russia, those who Rule are licensed to script at will what for the moment is thought of as the Law; there is no Russian equivalent to the American Bill of Rights. 

Here in the U.S., where the independence of the Judiciary is thought fundamental to the process, we experience our own brand of specious reasoning occurring outside the U.S. Constitution; one which regularly breaches the boundaries of what constitutes sound governance and moves dangerously close to its own brand of selective lunacy.  

“Let us manufactures ideals based solely on impulse, not on means and most certainly not on the soundness of principle. We shall attire the oxymoronic not merely as a notion but more so as a thoughtful consideration and refer to these, nobly, as inducements of temptation whose price of admittance is the surrendering of sound reasoning.” 

As I write and speak regularly on points of economic, social and political order I continue to be amazed by the lack of public objection to the path of waste and mindless rhetoric that wildly propagates about the void of conscious discourse; progressive distractions for the masses unwilling to see, call or shame the waste-product for the malignancy that it is. Here are a few examples: 

  • Fast & Furious: Continues to plunder the Rule of Law and yet there is no outrage, anywhere, over what constitutes the single greatest requirement of the law and the manner in which it is presently held as inconsequential; its universal applicability.
  • Entitlements: The single greatest drain on the Public coffers; the single greatest block of wanton excess; the single greatest lie every perpetrated on an entire nation is treated as a political muse as if it were simply a matter of a nip here and a tuck there and yet none seem willing to ask the simple question: Upon what foundational right or mandate do these processes stand?
  • Obamacare: As if the former commentary was insufficient let us just accept that here too we have an entire, mythological, concept draped in the most elusive form of economic, social and political quackery even the Supreme Court was unable to manage a cogent response and here too we must ask, as before, the very same question.
  • Political  Stoogery: Whether it be the effects of lobbyist, terminal cronyism or outright incompetence the fact that the general public will actually show up for a political speech but do nothing to oppose the political establishment of the elite is among the most conspicuous failures of the voting public. Where is the Public outrage?
  • Collective Bargaining: The professed heart of this argument is stated as a the single defense-port of the lowly working-man but this is not the case, not even close; this charade has long been about the political mass-weight of voting blocs; favor a Union, win elected office.  Outside of the massive national entitlement burden, this Cabal of rampant political usury has laid waste to the very essence of economic efficiency, fiscal responsibility and the Representative Ethos of American Democracy.  
  • Economic Chaos: Clearly this Country’s economic standing is on par with the potency and prevalence of buggy-whip manufacturers and yet the level of discourse on strategic economic reformulation nears the depth, frequency and relevance akin to the do’s and don’ts of dental flossing.  
  • Spontaneous Social Conscience: Whether it be the subject of funding birth-control for law student, eco-friendly anything, subsidies for corn/ethanol production, the latest Biden gaffe, Romney’s tax returns, the 99 vs. the 1%  if a team of physicians were to render a diagnosis on symptoms alone there is little doubt as to their determination: A.D.D.  

The Public, by and large, has bought in to the myth of patriarch-governance; the expectation that government has a role to fill in all aspects of life and that there are no limits to the means and methods it should employ to affect the same.  True, some would argue the case however if one pursues the inquiry sufficiently even the most astute will stumble over the following question: At what point does government reach the ultimate barrier?  More often than not, as history illustrates, by the time the “barrier” is identified the point of no return has been passed and civility is unrecoverable. 

“The greater error of government is the presumption that legislative action somehow voids predictable consequence; the pretense of making legal an action that clearly transgresses inviolable law and having done so any reasoned objection is summarily dispensed as being inconsequential or temperamental. None-the-less, this practice is but an open invitation to punitive inevitability; notice that we are now mid-term of an age where government is busied attempting solutions to problems of its own making!” 

As a People, the great question that lies before us is this: What is both the explicit and implicit boundary of Government and what would one be prepared to do to enforce it? The great irony of this inquiry is that it has been asked before, many times. We, for some reason, apparently do not like the answer and continue to tease an uncertain outcome hoping, perhaps by coincidence, an effortless resolution will appear. The problem with this sort of passivity is that it never comes absent a painful price; the cumulative consequence of tyranny is the unspoken loss which might be best expressed in the following manner: 

“We are forever burdened by the unknown good silenced by apathetic resolve; licensing the abuses of those who confront neither opposition nor stern prohibitions. The cure will come only with the suspension of abuse and this requires the surrender of Entitlements license.” 

Our greatest strength lies in the supremacy of inspired mind willing to express itself beyond the domain of thought and into the fire of public sanction; where the will of the one inspires the many who seek alliances of conviction they’d thought anonymous. The common ground of the common mind is not as you might think; the wasteland of the peripatetic or transient vagrant. The truth is that what I speak of is not at all common or ordinary; it is the foundational element of what is superior, the unifying force of what binds one to the other; that which we not only share in common with one another but that which is interchangeable, omniscient and lasting.  It is, to be sure, those things we hold to be true; those things which are self-evident and unalienable 

It is for We, The People to define the outcome however so long as those who Rule have license to arbitrarily define what becomes the Law it is very difficult to fix something that prefers to remain broken. 

Curtis C. Greco, Founder 

(Text appearing in quotations are sourced from the Blind Vision Series by C. Greco)

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