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Money Well Spent | War on Poverty:

For years I’ve studied and analyzed monetary/economic data both from the point of view of evolving/developing policy or strategic analysis and here is what I know; there are always tracers, origins of cause, in-the-numbers. The most important “tracer”, the most conspicuous component, discovered from decades of work is this one simple fact: When Government meddles, whether on its own volition or on behalf of a vested interest, in any component of Free-Market Economics the effects are devastating. It should be remembered that Capitalism is what becomes of Free-Market Economics post Government Intervention; in other words, Capitalism is the mechanism for protecting Interests who fear or oppose Free-Market Competition.
There are great wealth-opportunities in Government Driven Influence and the key road-to-reward is and will always be in Government Enforced Entitlement Programs and for one good reason: There is no accountability for success-in-outcome or failure-in-effect.  I found the following article, The War on Poverty Has Been a Colossal Flop – by Robert Rector, a fascinating parallel to my own observations and I believe it is worth the read.
Curtis C. Greco, Founder
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5 Years of Stimulus

A non-market approach to a market-based defect has become a standard component of government economic protocols the rippling consequences of which voids the corrective-effect of market forces creating instead unsustainable financial hazards. In real world terms this truant theology can be seen thru the lens of the U.S. Economy which now requires perpetual government stimulus in order to persist at its sub-orbital standards of predation.

Understand that the U.S. does not practice free-market economics preferring instead the malignant effects of capitalism; the creation of monetary-deists who, fearing free-market competition and the tensions performance mandate, orchestrate collusive metrics to their advantage.

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Made-Off is Clear

January 26, 2009

 Yes,  it’s a play on words!  There’s more to say about Bernie Maidoff and his scheme though I’ll leave to investigators, ultimately, to unravel the depth of the misprision.  He will be found guilty, he will give up his lush and lavish lifestyle and spend a few years at any one of the minimum security compounds available.

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