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Affirming Independence


Americans the world over know of July 4th, 1776.  Historians argue over whether the actual day should be July 2nd or August 2nd of 1776 however I’ll suggest that whatever the date, it was a day in the making since Mans first appearance upon this lovely sphere God himself purposefully divined as an extension of his deliberate intention.


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The Economy of Freedom


What follows is an excerpt from the book, Blind-Vision: Volume II – Value Given, Value Received.”  Yes I will hope that in the coming months Americans the world over will come to realize the importance of this 3 volume series and make every effort to read and absorb the material.  In the mean time and with consideration to the rapidly accelerating collapse of our government structure and by extension, our national economy, I find this particular section quite (acutely) relevant.  I trust you will as well!


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Israel – The Manufacturing of Crisis

Global hegemony is a nasty and complex affair.  It requires constant maneuvering and adaptability in order to manage the massive inertial forces that compound from the mutations of opposing forces – and it is these opposing forces which ultimately doom the process to failure.  Thus the nature of all megalomaniacal forces – hubris always believes it can overcome the law of inevitable consequence, which, of course, is the very weakness or causal force that is the single most critical pathogen. 

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Obama House

Years ago I was working on a research project for a firm I was working with at the time. The project had to do with tax legislation that had passed and I was one of a group working on what is known as a “technical correction” which is the process whereby newly enacted tax law is reviewed and compared with existing tax law identifying conflicts so that they can be, well, corrected.  I recall reading through hundreds of pages looking for anomalies and “marking up” line after line and at one point I was summoned by the lead person of the group who looked at what I was doing and said, “Gee wiz Curtis,  we’re supposed to look for corrections no re-write the entire tax code!” To which I replied, “Yes I know but this is such a mess and with each section I find what seems to be a near endless series of contradiction. I can’t quite figure out were to stop!” 

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The March to Economic Oblivion

“Timeliness is a revelation inspired by Grace; providing the suspended mind with both a compass and a lamp….Untimely is consequence occurring from having ignored the presence of light!”

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