WiNiP – The New American Slave-Class v6.1a

What I Noticed in Passing….


Merriam-Webster Dictionary’s entry:


slave: \slāv\- 1 : a person held in servitude as the chattel of another. 2 : one that is completely subservient to a dominating influence.


I suspect one might think this to be a rather peculiar approach to introducing a topic, wrought with divisive overtones, lurid and “hands-off”!  Sit and pause for moment, look at your nation’s political and economic landscape and then, just perhaps, reconsider.


Better still, let me temp you with a few of my own observations to seed your considerations;


  1. A Nation on a seemingly perpetual war-footing, spending recklessly in resources and lives.  Who is forced to pay?
  2. A Corporate-Governance cabal which serves its own interests, reaping rewards for themselves, government bailout for their losses. Who is forced to pay?
  3. A Biased and Heavy-Handed Tax System which targets the Productive Individual and shield the Inanimate Entity.  Who is forced to pay?
  4. A Political Hegemony of Entitled Elites who substitute soundness of representative government for the benefit of those who fear the free-market of our once sacred national ideals.  Who is forced to pay?
  5. The ever-evolving social abscess of entitlement that serves, selectively, interest whose representatives enforce mob-rule upon the un-represented.  Who is forced to pay?
  6. A Government Policy that endears itself to lawlessness and by doing so, suspends the rights of the law-abiding. Who is forced to pay?


“When there is no conscience in the practices of Government, the practice of Government becomes a rule unto itself!”


Or perhaps quite another way of stating it is this:


“When there is no notion of the Ideal of Freedom and the cause of its preservation has been silenced – none dare speak of its loss for fear of sanction – this then defines the boundaries of a man known by no other word – The Slave!”


And still the sensation of my observations, the tactile and sensory component seems a bit incomplete.  You deserve more, better or even, dare I say, a more thorough effort – something almost poetic to season the injustice. Let me offer you one more course from my board-of-faire, one I’ve penned just for you! (Read it slowly, with a cadence restrained by the punctuation.)


Twisted by the torment of restraint, his a burden, the whip he does not own.

She writhes with torsions, a weight imposed, the scale does tally for a face concealed.

And they all abound and clamor for a wisp of sweetened breeze – the yoke and collar synched assures a hope they’ll never seize.


Yes indeed, welcome to What I Noticed in Passing:  The New American Slave-Class!  Yesah, I be at da mines I once owned be for da sun wakes up!  Gwanna do ya just right….WHAT! You want muh thoughts too!  Nah suh, that ain’t, well, dat’s all I’z got lef! You dun took the stuff on da outside, what I’z got inside, nah suh, dat one even you can’t take!


We dumb down far enough; we’ll truly be the equal of mediocre!  The good news is, you have a choice!


Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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