Dr. Paul Krugman – Theory & Lustre Lost!

The following entry is actually a posting a placed in response to Dr. Krugman’s NYT artical entitle “Against the Super-Asinine….”  I thought it was sufficiently relevant that I believe you might find it of value too – so here it is:


“Dr. Paul,  the only consensus in “macro” is the incongruent thought equal to the belief that one can find clarity in murky and whimsical waters.


As we’ve talked before, Keynesian Theory is sustainable only within the enclave of protected habitat.  In the real world, where true and “native” economy actually occurs, it is wrought with conflict and divided interests.  Here are a few examples:


  1. Currency: the device of global banking interests outside the domain of government and an über-structure of vice creating nor seeding wealth (only consuming it) and whose single goal is profit by predation through penetrating the economic cycle. 
  2. Corporate Governance: the distinct advocate of a caste system purchasing influence by controlling the armature of government largely because they fear the “free market” forces of choice.
  3. Entitled Elite: the cabal of erudite nymphs who rule by the practice of contagious vice: spread the around the wealth I steal, to make culpable those who might otherwise object.
  4. The New American Slave-Class: those outside the aforementioned who’ve neither the ability to purloin the advantage of this distinct TRIAD and are quartered sufficiently with burdens to keep them spent and divided.


Might I suggest you read the following two pieces –  you, of all people, will appreciate them.


“The New American Slave-Class”  https://theimperfectmessenger.com/?p=538




“Chinese Yuan, the Device of Currency” – https://theimperfectmessenger.com/?p=534


The true meanness in the concept of “Stimulus” is not so much that it will, and has never, worked, it is – in point of fact – the belief that it should!   Particularly, of course, as there is neither credible evidence nor organic foundation to suggest that it ever has!


The euphoria caused by self-endorsement is both malignant and unsustainable and that’s just one of the inviolable laws of “real”!


Volume III of the Blind Vision Series is due out in 6 days, if you send me deliverable address, I’ll send you signed copies of all 3 Volumes.  You can, my dear friend, be saved!


Curtis Greco, Founder”

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