Chinese Yuan, the Device of Currency

The impact of “policy” on the rights and ambitions of Folks who would otherwise – and quite simply so – pursue the functions of their daily lives, unimpeded by the impositions of impulse abstract influences, is continuously under assault. 


“The single object of sound government lies in the service of preserving the unalienability of man and his providential rights.”


“Abstract Influences” threaten the “service” of this purpose by the crafting of spurious dialogue masking their true intent. Near countless examples exist from which to choose to illustrate the various forms, let’s focus on just one. 


“Currency” appears somewhat of a benign topic yet it effectively masks, by the illusion of complexity, the utter simplicity of its practices and simultaneously how devastating its abuse devastates the people of this Country’s economy and the dynamics of it sovereign course.


The business of Banking has no notion of boundaries or allegiance to country or sovereign interests and persists on perpetual expansion.  Viewing the current global state of affairs one observes the near complete progression of banking influence. With consideration to the time, and likely ones interest, at hand, I will keep the content on the lighter side of detail. 


The key ingredient of the progression of global banking interests has been the unilateral suspension of Country’s financial concerns to that of the Central Bank. An example of this type of entity, the U.S. version, is the Federal Reserve Bank – a completely autonomous Financial Entity operating entirely beyond the oversight of the U.S. Government.  Each Nations Central Bank submits to global administration by two primary entities – the International Monetary Fund (based in New York) and the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) (located in Basle, Switzerland).  Rest assured, nothing, NOTHING, having to do with Banking/Financial Policy and its lubricant, currency, sees the light of day without direction from either or both of these entities.


Currencies are manipulated, large capital flows are positioned and directed at will and national economic structures are plundered to suit the “Abstract influences” of interests contrary to your own. All of this occurs under the auspices of Monetary Policy and the Government of, for and by the People, is powerless (or unwilling) to challenge the process.  The following is a simplified sequence of events each of which should be familiar to you and illustrates the cycle of this process in action.  Let’s start with:


  1. Trade Agreements (GATT/NAFT/CAFTA) as an example. These trade agreements legislated predatory economic policy which encouraged the closure of productive industries (U.S.) and their relocation to China.
  2. These deliberate policies planted the seed for Chinese economic expansion funded by the massive influx of capital flows luring the displaced industries to the infant Chinese environment.
  3. Economic growth (China) ensues fueled by the influx of currency from Nations purchasing products they used to produce for themselves.  China, in this instance, becomes flush with massive quantities of currency it is unable to put to productive use from within its own economic cycle.  It’s use we will discuss shortly.


Here is where the Device of Currency, from the perspective of Global Banking/Financial Interests, gets very creative.  But first, a note from Mayer Rothschild:


Let me issue and control a nation’s money, and I care not who writes its laws


By controlling Currency and its values the Central Banking concept can, literally overnight, change the value of both a Nation’s economy as well as its policy – reviewing Rothschild’s comment (above) provides a corroborating sense of authenticity to this observation. Consider, as an example, the sudden plunge (35%) of the Euro over the last 6 months as well as this events effect on the European Unions total outstanding Debt.  Suddenly, overnight, Greece’s debt burden becomes micro-managed by the silent and inconspicuous hand of Global Banking, never mind of course what it does to the Greek People.


China has thus far restrained global predation of its economy and its currency by maintaining a fixed “exchange rate” however, if you’ve been following the news lately, there has been increased pressure on the Chinese to let the Yuan “float” with “the market”.  Why the interest in controlling the Chinese Yuan?  Why would or does it matter? Might I suggest one review the Rothschild quote above, however, more directly for this reason: If the Global Banking Interest can succeed in persuading the Chinese to buy-in to the “scam” of global banking, Banking/Financial Interests can fully control what becomes of China economically as well as its national policy processes.


Let me interject the U.S. in to the picture for a real twist of the extreme.  From item (3.) above, we observe how China has amassed large stores of currency.  What to do?  This is a fascinating component of global monetary control: China uses its excess currency to subsidize U.S. Government deficit spending which occurs because the U.S. Economy no longer is capable of economically supporting itself as China now functions as the economy of industry once resident in the U.S.  The tightening of the shackles is near complete.


And you thought you were Free!  Well, as a matter of fact, you are, they didn’t pay a single dime for you!


Do not be surprised to discover that when (and it is only a matter of time) the Chinese allow the Yuan to “float” that it spirals upward to near parity (1:1) with the U.S. Dollar – instantly, the effective exposure by the U.S. Government to the component of our Governments debt held by the Chinese, is magically slashed.  The process, in its most simplest form, is nothing more than:


Buy low in abundance triggering the start of spiraling hyper-inflation (so called economic expansion) so that you can sell high just before triggering economic collapse so the you can buy low and start the process all over again.


Never mind of course that the lives and economic futures of hundreds of millions of people are summarily laid to waste!  You needn’t worry though; they don’t mind because you don’t matter!


Contained within the Blind Vision Series I’ve recently released, Volume I: Value Give, Value Received and Volume III: Valor in Prosperity I discuss these issues in greater detail and suggest you read each of the three volumes for a more thorough discussion and to be sure, yes, I’ve simplified the scenarios but again, make no mistake, the process is as basic as I describe it.  This is all made possible by yet another proven fact taken directly from the manual titled “The Policy of Arrogance”:


“When you can define the parameters of what constitutes the game, you both control who participates, how and were the game is played.”


I believe the time has come for the American People to force the re-write of the rules!


How about you?



Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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