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The Hu Doctrine

The passage of time will need to record a far greater measure of future events to ultimately determine the durability of China’s standing amongst the nations of the world; though the current regime has only been in place since the late 1940’s, the maturation process of the Chinese culture can be traced back well before 7000 BC. It has weathered a variety of internal conflicts, dynastic rule, the British imposed addiction of its population through the point-of-a-gun opium trade, the marauding Japanese and the open brutality of political oppression to name but a few. 

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Democracy, A Tough Choice

January 15, 2009

“America isn’t easy,  America is advanced citizenship, you’ve got to want it bad….” This piece is taken form the 1995 movie “American President” and in the demonstrated performance American ethos and passion,  the scene (“American President – the Speech ”) where this excerpt is sourced is not to be missed. Yes the later 1.4 minutes are annoying to me for the topic of discussion on Crime Bill and Energy Bill a bit on the side of misguided however,  but I must confess,  I’ve never seen Michael Douglas give a more stunning performance.

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