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Edward Snowden; a Traitor or a Bill of Rights Preservationist?

As you read this be sure to recall that Bob Woodward received “secret” info from FBI Agent Mark Felt that ultimately won him a Pulitzer Prize and today walks about with near legendary status.

It was recently announced that both columnist Glen Greenwald (issued in the name of the Guardian, the publishers of his work) and Bart Gellman (of the Washington Post) received Pulitzer’s for articles written using information sourced from Snowden’s alleged release of so-called “national security secrets.” But yet, juxtaposing the two separate events, Mark Felt vs. Ed Snowden, we’ve yet to filter Snowden’s actions in a manner far less provocative, however far more critically necessary, than those queried by Woodward.

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Democracy, A Tough Choice

January 15, 2009

“America isn’t easy,  America is advanced citizenship, you’ve got to want it bad….” This piece is taken form the 1995 movie “American President” and in the demonstrated performance American ethos and passion,  the scene (“American President – the Speech ”) where this excerpt is sourced is not to be missed. Yes the later 1.4 minutes are annoying to me for the topic of discussion on Crime Bill and Energy Bill a bit on the side of misguided however,  but I must confess,  I’ve never seen Michael Douglas give a more stunning performance.

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