The March to Economic Oblivion

“Timeliness is a revelation inspired by Grace; providing the suspended mind with both a compass and a lamp….Untimely is consequence occurring from having ignored the presence of light!”

I’m reminded of a carton from several years ago illustrating a storybook-like tree lined street.  One of the homeowners was have the exterior of his home painted. A feature of the image included a few posted signs indicating: “Curb Painting – No Parking, Monday through Friday, 2:00Pm until 4:30Pm. – Curb Painting.” The painting contractor had told the Owner that the job should take three days however by Tuesday, the homeowner realizes that the painter was way behind schedule. The following morning, before leaving for work, the homeowner confronts the painter and asks for an explanation as to why the process was moving so slowly.  The painter looks at the owner and says, “What’d you expect, I have to park my trucks 8 blocks away and you know what else?  For 2 and a half hours a day, we can’t paint!”  The homeowner is perplexed and looks at the painter and says, “What?  Says who?”  The painter walks him down to the curb, points up the posted sign and says, “Look,  it’s right there! ‘No Parking’ and if that’s not enough they say ‘Curb Painting’ between 2 and 4:30 Pm. I’m going to have to charge you more because it’s taking longer than I planned!”

To complete the menagerie let me also include the following ruse:

We have a Man at the train station in Los Angeles boarding the 7:35Pm train bound for Salt Lake, Utah. Not realizing he’s boarding the wrong train, he makes a request of the conductor to be sure and let him know when they are 30 minutes outside of Seattle so that he can call his Wife who will then know when to meet him at the station. The train pulls out of the station; our traveler settles down for the trip and dozes off awakening some time latter to discover the train pulling in to the Salt Lake Station.  Furious, he confronts the Conductor and inquires as to why he didn’t wake him. The Conductor replies, “Well we aren’t 30 minutes from Seattle!”  The Passenger then asks, “Well what time do we get to Seattle?”  The Conductor replies, “I don’t know, this train’s route is to Salt Lake and then on to Chicago, we don’t go to Seattle! But, you see that train over there, the one pulling out from platform number 2?  Now that one goes to Seattle!” 

I love these stories, the first illustrates the uniqueness of creative interpretation, the second, illustrates the greater risk of relying on the bias of another’s creative interpretation! 

There are many reasons for why this Country finds itself in such precarious circumstances however I believe we can,  if we are willing to expend the effort,  step back and consider that much of our lot resolves, substantially, to the message of these two observations. For those who have read my material before, you’ll recognize this concept as “flat earth idolatry” and this idea has been, for many years, appearing with every increasing frequency.  It is the consequence of accepting and permitting the practice of fabrication masquerading as fact and accepting the same with equal vigor. 

Let us look at a few examples illustrating The March to Economic Oblivion

Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Law Suit against Intel:   In this instance,  we have the Federal Government, using taxpayer dollars, to assert a claim on behalf of an industrial competitor (AMD) who is seeking an advantage over a competitor. The creative interpretation aggravates one of the greatest risks; ignorance.  The great danger of a monopoly is not in the nature or type of its product or service. The true danger relates to the issue of an enterprise controlling the parameters that define what become of choice.  In this instance, it is not Intel but the FTC who is the monopoly, they and they alone, using your money, are defining what becomes of “choice”.  Based on what premise? 

U.S. Government Finances Al Gores’ Investment: Al Gore,  the former Vice President of the U.S., is a partner in a venture-capital firm with interests backing the development and production of a hybrid sports car.  The enterprise production and development facilities will be based in Finland. The creative interpretation is most conspicuous only when one learns that, ignoring for the moment the campaign contributions to Mr. Obama’s campaign, the Federal Government granted Mr. Gore’s venture $529 million in taxpayer funded loans.  I’m completely apposed to the government intervening in the economy however, setting this aside for the moment, consider that this venture is based in Finland and not the U.S. Again,  U.S. taxpayers, a dead or dying domestic economy, no domestic industrial development, no wealth creating expansions, no functional job creation and the U.S. Government is using taxpayer funds to benefit a confirmed Elitist in a venture outside of the U.S.  Where is the benefit to the U.S. Taxpayer? 

Cash for Clunkers – Japanese Style: I’ve previously written a commentary relating to the U.S. Governments cash for clunkers program. Accordingly, I’ll not expose the complete lunacy here. However, I would recommend one reading the posting labeled “You be Clunker” for further clarity.  In this instance we see how (even) the Japanese are not immune to creative interpretation and how, in a uniquely U.S. Government inspired bureaucratic inspiration,  the “flat earth idolatry” has a conspicuous slap to the American Economy.  The Japanese program is very similar to the domestic version with one critical exception; the Japanese version excludes foreign imports whereas, the U.S. version specifically included non-domestic brands (accounting for 61% of the sales – extrapolated from figures released from the White House Council of Economic Advisors).  How nice!  Again, U.S. Taxpayer funded!  How is this functional economic policy? 

As you may know, I’ve released the first Volume in the Blind Vision series. Volume I is  entitled “We Hold These Truths” with Volumes II, “Value Given Value Receive” and Volume III, “Valor in Prosperity” which will be released in the coming months. In each of these Series I discuss the systemic issues relating to these very types of issues, their cause and their consequences.  Most importantly,  in Volume III,  I present concepts and ideas we might consider to plot a course out of the current March to Economic Oblivion. 

My point, for now however is simply this:  With no specific plan or commitment for resuscitating the U.S. Economy,  there will be none.  What their will be is the inescapable consequence of further Political, Social, Financial and Economic devastation. 

We can do better, we will have to! 

“To what benefit is the ideal when not a one speaks the language of its virtue and none bear witness, in their practices,  to its value!” 

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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