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The Opiate of Dystopia

The public, generally, has been hopelessly trapped by a bureaucracy of thinking; a series of false premise simulating reality. While these illusions, more and more, seem to be propagating in direct proportion to the weakness of mind and the public’s willingness to progressively re-orientate their thinking in an order that will accept them.

This bizarre form of thinking would challenge a victim of a home invasion by suggesting that the offense would not have occurred had the person removed the doors from their home. Or, using the historical defense reference which would proffer that it has only been since the advent of enclosed structures (homes) that home incursions have occurred and thus it is the fault of humans who choose to live indoors.

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Misdirection en Masse: The Manufacturing of Crisis

There are a great many odd and curious events that mark American History; many ultimately shaped and sheered to fit an acceptable narrative; one easily fed to the public as plausible particularly at a time when shock, dismay, fear and anxiety make the conscience easily susceptible to suggestion which then allows the well-crafted lyrics to appear all the more plausible.                  

For me, I find four key events critical to the redirecting of the American Ideal away from its founding compass: 

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Israel – The Manufacturing of Crisis

Global hegemony is a nasty and complex affair.  It requires constant maneuvering and adaptability in order to manage the massive inertial forces that compound from the mutations of opposing forces – and it is these opposing forces which ultimately doom the process to failure.  Thus the nature of all megalomaniacal forces – hubris always believes it can overcome the law of inevitable consequence, which, of course, is the very weakness or causal force that is the single most critical pathogen. 

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