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Dr. Paul Krugman – Theory & Lustre Lost!

The following entry is actually a posting a placed in response to Dr. Krugman’s NYT artical entitle “Against the Super-Asinine….”  I thought it was sufficiently relevant that I believe you might find it of value too – so here it is:


“Dr. Paul,  the only consensus in “macro” is the incongruent thought equal to the belief that one can find clarity in murky and whimsical waters.


As we’ve talked before, Keynesian Theory is sustainable only within the enclave of protected habitat.  In the real world, where true and “native” economy actually occurs, it is wrought with conflict and divided interests.  Here are a few examples:

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Dr. Krugman (NYT Columist) authored an article on February 8th entitled  “Europerspective  ”, an interesting piece in as much as it nicely illustrates one perspective that is often proffered as in the Centrist-Liberal “FEI” whose greatest contribution is its illustrating how distructive these perspectives truly are.  The following is my contribution to Dr. Krugman’s comentary, I trust you will find it interesting.

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