Health Care Starving the System

October 3, 2009

“The Politicizing of Governance is not that practice of preserving sound republican principals; it is the preserving of an illusion the sound principals are being practiced!” 

The heat is on, the desperation of a system attempting to imbed the conscience of the unsuspecting populace with a discussion that is so void of substantive reason I scarcely know where to begin! 

I discuss, in great detail, the issues surrounding the Health Care debate in my soon to be released Book, a 3 Part Series, entitle Blind Vision.  In these manuscripts, which you WILL want to read, I review various components of our Nations systemic collapse including a conspicuous discourse on the effects of excessive government spending particularly as it relates to various entitlement programs.  As much of the media centers around the illusion of the “need” for so-called Health Care Reform, I present actual constructive and creative solutions which, from observing the discussions to date, none even remotely express a willingness to even consider available alternatives! 

Much of the following is included in the “Blind Vision” series however wanting to begin teasing the mind as well as public discourse; I will present a few high-lights from the manuscript which I believe are critical.  Let us first consider a few of the obvious reasons for why the Government involvement in this area is so very dangerous: 

  • The unmanageable costs associated with Health Care are directly related to the Governments dysfunctional management of Medicaid/Medicare and Social Security.  The unfunded components, of just these three programs, are presently estimated at $107 Trillion growing at an annual rate of nearly $1 trillion per year. (ref: CBO Report 2008)
  • Government, as an entity whose purpose is the administration of public services as prescribed by the Constitution, is not designed nor intended to participate in an economic based function. The components requirements of an efficient economic cycle do not exist in the domain of government as it lack the “tortional economic tensions” required to produce a productive and sustaining benefit within the construct of a self-funding and cost contained structure.
  • With reference to the previous comment, the documented proof of the government’s inability to perform or provide an economically sustainable benefit is documented by the fact that every government program demonstrates costs and/or budget deficits in multiple times their stated budget. I recommend viewing the “Joint Economic Committee Report: Are Health Care Reform Cost Estimates Reliable?”  for first hand illustration of just how severely these programs breach the concept of efficient and sustainable economics. The “numbers” are horrific.
  • The concept of Entitlement, though noble in principle, violate every known principal of representative government as these require “forced” participation and extract, perpetually, an economic burden far beyond the economic benefit that is provide.  And lastly, for now,
  • The economic effects of Entitlement spending, ignoring for the moment the costs of deficit spending, redirect economic resources away from productive and “Wealth Creating” practices of the “Native Economy”. The consequence of this practice alone has a “force multiplier” affect upon the national economy. At current pace, even if we were to freeze government spending at its current level and attempt to meet the current funding demands of both “on budget” and “off budget” items,  I estimate, roughly, that the U.S. non-government component of the GDP would have to increase its current output by a factor of “4”. Considering that the U.S. Economy is no longer equipped to produce “wealth” of any significant measure, producing our way out of this conundrum is clearly not possible. 

If only one were to apply a token gesture of inquiry, ignoring the unfounded claim that “Americans are entitle to health care” (which, when translated from Poli-Speak means, “Free Health Care”), one can easily see that the discussion is centered on a series of false premises. Time and space do not afford me the opportunity to express these points in detail, however, I recommend you view the speech by Michigan Congressmen, Mike Rogers  which, though I would discourse on points that I believe are more “telling” and conspicuous,  he does the concept due and faithful service. 

“The inherent nature of what is a ‘solution’ must also contain the prohibition of creating yet another problem!” 

There is, however, one point that I will pull from the “Blind Vision” series which I believe bears need of special attention, it appears this way: 

The question is not whether the U.S. Economic system is capable of providing a functional and efficient health care system; there is clear and historical proof of its ability to do so.  One must also consider, concomitant with the ability to provide the Care, there must also be a means for this service to be paid for; the economic system has also proven its ability to resolve this dilemma as well.  For any person to believe that Health Care, the type and quality that this nation has been accustomed to, can be mysteriously provided through some form of arcana or alchemy has taken residence in some distant and unknown galaxy.  No,  the problem isn’t the Health Care Mechanism, the problem is the result of what I call “Physio-Sociological Economics” or the adaptation or morphing of functional economic principals that have adapted to survive in the presence of a Force that has no functional economic principals, i.e., the Government.   

Here then, are a few points offering a refined approach at dealing with the issue of “Health Care” (the entire presentation appears in the “Blind Vision” Series); 

  1. The Government needs to be complete removed form the Health Care providing function. All Government, State and Local, no more entitlement coverage. Yes, this includes the Federal Government as well.
  2. Set up a National Health Care Commission, void of government legislative oversight but one that must report to the Senate Finance Committed and CBO.  The NHCC will establish a “basic coverage” program and a “menu” of available options similar in style to the approach offered in conventional automobile coverage. The coverage will be completely transportable. The NHCC will establish appropriate mechanism for uniform administration. 
  3. All Insurance carriers offering products in the U.S. will be required to provide, at the minimum, the “basic coverage” plan and participate in an Industry Wide “risk mitigation fund” but only to the extent of the “basic coverage” plan.
  4. The premiums for this coverage will be paid directly by American “only” individuals through payroll or direct withdrawal methods which will have a “tax free” exclusion on the first $25,000 of annual income provided that proof of “premium payment” is authenticated. 

These are just a few of the “meaty” bites of my proposal and, in case you’re curious, I would address retirement benefits (a.k.a., Social Security) in exactly the same way. 

What this approach accomplishes is to remove the pathogen, the source of the problem, from the scene of the contamination.  It also restores “true free market” functions to the system both from the view of the Provider as well as the Consumer. 

We must remove the expectation dosing tendencies of Government which habitually over promises and under delivers. We must suspend the practice of over-burdening the system with demands it is not resource-fueled sufficiently to provide.  And, we must also drop the notion that “for profit” model is in some way demonic, unreliable and unreasonable particularly when it is and has proven to be the Government that is the single greatest contributing factor and supreme cause and not the Business of Health Care Starving the System! 

“Politicians reserve the right to call it whatever they want, just don’t expect them to explain to you what it is!” 

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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