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The Parallax Presidency of Mind

I grew up in a small southwestern Pennsylvania town named for a  revolutionary War General, Nathanial Green. I’ve many great memories of Greensburg and it’s curious to me how certain memories seem to pop up at the most peculiar times!  For instance: a few days ago I was driving down the freeway listening to the radio and I heard an expression, “…that’s whatcha get…” and I instantly recalled a neighbor who lived nearby, she would sit on her porch and watch us kids playing in the street. Sooner or later one of us would fall, trip or skin a knee and you’d here old Grace say; “…see, that’s whatcha get!”  One would quickly recover and move on with the game at hand but always with a parroting sneer under ones breath: “…see, that’s whatcha get, that’s whatcha get….”  

In much the same way, I hear this very type of hyperbole occurring at an every increasing frequency specifically with reference to The Peoples’ responses to our governments mishandling of the Nations affairs.  

There seems to be two distinctly different presidencies of mind: there’s one whose image is that of what is actually in the mind of government luminaries and then there is the illusion of “mind” from these very same individuals.  Actually, there is a third though: the illusion these folks present The People which is the preferred and crafted view of what they would have you believe is real.  

This orchestrated and delusional practice I refer to as The Parallax Presidency of Mind which has it’s own sort of “preamble”,  “The People….” and here are a few examples of how it appears:  

  • The People need the government to create jobs.
  • The People need the government to protect them from the tyrannical forces of greed.
  • The People need the government to protect them from religion.
  • The People need the government to protect them from themselves.
  • The People need the government to provide job security.
  • The People need the government to provide health care.
  • The People need the government to provide job benefits.
  • The People need the government to provide them with perpetual retirement.
  • The People need the government to protect them from pandemics.
  • The People need the government to provide them with Freedom.
  • The People need the government to provide them with Liberty.
  • The People need the government to provide them with housing.
  • The People need the government to provide them with food.
  • The People need the government to provide them with transportation.
  • The People need the government to provide them with, well, just about everything! 

In essence, a full, whole-life support system.  

What has arisen, as we can see in our culture, has been the complete reinvention of what it means to be, profess and perfect the concept of self-reliance; which is the very essence of Freedom. It is, in point of fact, the only true pandemic and it seems scarcely relevant to such a degree that it would appear that the complete and total transformation is near complete.  Not only do most not realize the truth of this statement, the pointed reference of what was once this very “essence” has seemingly faded beyond distant memory and it resonates in the commonly used phrase “…the government should do something about this….”  Well government has and you know what?  Yes indeed, “…that’s whatcha get…” is the consequent result!  

There is, after all, what you want to think and what is so (real): The Parallax Presidency of Mind.  Here are but a few of the more delightful renditions:  

  • A President who speaks of “change”; yet prefers to leave none in your pocket.
  • A Congress who speaks of “transparency”; yet conceals their blindness behind the impenetrable armature of deceit.
  • A presumed mandate that speaks of “eco-conscience”; yet lacking the perfecting clarity of truth.
  • An economic paradigm of globalism; yet no regard for the sovereign rights of the Individual or their economic/financial interests.
  • A profession of that “…we are a nation of laws”; yet no commitment to the articles of fundamental justice.
  • A profession that this is a Nation whose foundations are that of a Constitutional Republic; yet we practice the divisiveness of systemic partisan bias.
  • A profession that we champion the cause of freedom and liberty; yet neither of these are among the choices offered.  

It seems that we may be so far beyond the foundations of our heritage that most seem terrified at the prospects they dare NOT acknowledge the divergent, parallax presidency of mind.  To do so is only to then know and that takes and/or requieres a great reservoir of courage, and, I’ll assure you this: you’ll not find that (courage)  in Government.  Why?  

“What Government becomes, absent the prohibitions of conscience, is only the ignoble arm of hubris serving only its self-sustaining purpose!”  

Where in ones life has any experienced a preferential outcome with no expressed commitment to its outcome? Truly then, why should we expect the same from Government!  It is important to remember!  

“What one believes the Government has to give, it must first acquire by taking! It occurs no other way!” 

Why then do we permit the government to take from our neighbor that which few, if any, would be willing to affect in good faith? 

I’ve heard all of the “social justice” commentaries of the lethargic intillect and their relevence couldn’t matter less!  If however, your perspective is different, then you share The Parallax Presidency of Mind!  And, well,

“…that’s whatcha get…” to be sure!  

It’s time we stop the “parroting” and change the conversation!  Be part of a life changing experience! Participate, engage and insist on it! Either way, a choice will be made, and yes,…  

“…that’s whatcha get…” is the result! 

Curtis C. Greco, Founder



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