Jobs of the Future

August 3, 2009

The classic component of the FEI (Flat Earth Idolatry) is made conspicuous by identifying the mean employed to conceal its true intensions.  To understand the true flair of a syllogism, a rather specious or crafty argument, one must always consider that at its core is an apocryphal or unsupported premise or foundation.  In other words, it’s a lie! 

“The greatest danger of Government is the evolution of practices that occur with out the device of conspicuous conscience.  It enables Government to not only craft the device of bias, it also refines a willingness to protect its ability to do so!” 

The perfect design and intention of this Nations core values is now, in effect, a passenger on a ship circling aimlessly in the North Atlantic. The vessel is administered by a Crew and Captain having, to a man, both a chemical addiction and a death wish. 

Consider if you will, the comments of the Captain:  “We’re creating jobs of the future!”  Well, of course, this is pure FEI but so that you understand why, perhaps we might consider a few practical points to consider and relevant comment for why it is so: 

  • A “Job”, in practical terms, is a function that is integral to a manifested action creating value. It is performed by an individual who exchanges their “inalienable right” (in this case their time and physical labor) for value.

Comment:  As Government has no ability, or purpose, to exchange any “thing” that translates in to or expresses an event of or relating to an event “creating” value, it follows that whatever “Job” the Government creates is in fact ONLY a consumer of value.  In reality, this is exactly what Government does.  Consumes Value!

  •  Government, having no means to create value in the practice of what it does, i.e., in the form or function of providing a Government Service, has also no means from which to pay or otherwise convey value for what “service” it does provide.

Comment: This is the reason for understanding that “what one believes the Government has to give, it only acquires by taking or conscription.” 

  • Government, also by its nature, becomes an adversary to the concept of Economic Enterprise for the reasons expressed in the previous “comments”.

Comment: The illusion or FEI that has been protracted is that Capitalism is the cause of economic divisiveness when in fact, as we can see from the evidence, that Capitalism has no such capacity to do so.  Any economic turmoil which occurs, occurs only from the practices of Government Intervention and meddling, also for the reasons mentioned above.  However, there is also one additional and critical point to consider. 

  • Government,  when left un-checked by on observance to “The Will of The People”, develops a conspicuous overtone of bias whereby bias becomes the mechanism enabling the conscription of conscience which then becomes the tool of whomever controls the mechanisms of Government.

Comment: This is critical to understand from several points of perspective, here is one: When Government is controlled by interests contrary to yours,  your interests are tossed overboard in favor of the “favored” interests.  Thus being the case, you can then understand that this is not “Capitalism” nor is it Democracy but instead, a form of totalitarian collectivism.   Last point for now… 

  • When choice of “all available options” instead becomes the “choice of only those items made available”, we then discover that this is not CHOICE AT ALL!  In fact, it is also not correlative to the Ideals of Freedom.

Comment:  To define and understand the idea of what becomes of the concept of “choice” one must have a full compliment of understanding and a full compliment of available options, otherwise, the outcome is not a true result.  It neither expresses the concept of creative genius nor does it accommodate the concept of opposition created by alternatives. 

Now, if we consider all of the aforementioned relevant then we can also see and understand that when the President says “We are creating the jobs of the future!” we can see and understand it for what it is and also for what it is not!

 “The primary reason for Government excess and abuse occurs from allowing it to operate outside of its functional purpose; precisely the reason for why Government should NEVER be permitted to operate in ANY area that it possess no functional or systemic mandate enabling it to do so.”

 The Constitution of the United States, it is important to note, specifically defines what the Government is able to do and what it is not!

If the Government truly wants to contribute to the creation of Jobs, then here are a few ideas to consider (these will all be discussed in greater detail in my soon to be released 3 Volume Series entitled “Blind Vision”: 

  1. Instituted true and functional “trade” practices that stimulate domestic based industry and agriculture.
  2.  Prohibit “lobby” functions,  ideally ALL lobbying functions,  to maximum purposes of being “informational resource” only and making all campaign contributions, “hard” or “soft” strictly illegal.
  3.  Institute “trade” and/or “recourse” excise fees for “unfair” trade and “industry plunder” practices.
  4.  Strictly limit foreign ownership of any/all U.S. based enterprises to a minority share ownership not to exceed 15%.
  5.  Institute practice of “domestic preference” for all product and service sourcing.
  6.  Stimulate Government “self-funding” by retaining “intellectual property rights” to Government funded development.
  7.  Orchestrate a “National Education Standards Board” to promulgate National Education Standards. This would include requiring abandoning direct Government Legislative oversight and funding mechanisms. This would prohibit Federal Funding of all Institutions of Higher Learning (College) and contain an absolute prohibition of “collective interests” as the “NESB” would determine and regulate such that these “interests” would loose their advantaged positions.
  8.  Orchestrate a “National Economic Development Board” whose purpose is to stimulate discourse on future technologies and market development and penetrations techniques.  Again, as before, Government Orchestrated but with no Legislative oversight or funding mechanisms.  The entity will have “unique” funding sources for Development funding and prohibitions on/against piracy or predatory practices. 

If one takes a precise view of these eight concepts (my upcoming Series discusses them and many more in great detail) we might then also begin to see how and in what functional ways the Government can be made to work effectively. This may occur not by releasing the government as if a feral animal but to restrain and focus Government toward functional, deliberately functional, practices encouraging reverent social and economic gain. 

To Be Completely Clear!  Government CAN NOT will nor it EVER be able to create jobs!  Jobs,  meaning jobs that are the kind that are required to produce vibrant wealth creating benefit,  occur only in an environment where “tensional economic forces” exist and there also exist the prospects of economic reward in excess of those very “tensional economic forces”, otherwise, there is no motivation.  As,… 

“Motivation can neither be enforced nor coerced, it can only be inspired!” 

As said many times before, “ I don’t make this stuff up,  this is how it is!”,  regardless of what Congressmen Barney Franks may say! 

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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