The Economy of Freedom


What follows is an excerpt from the book, Blind-Vision: Volume II – Value Given, Value Received.”  Yes I will hope that in the coming months Americans the world over will come to realize the importance of this 3 volume series and make every effort to read and absorb the material.  In the mean time and with consideration to the rapidly accelerating collapse of our government structure and by extension, our national economy, I find this particular section quite (acutely) relevant.  I trust you will as well!



“In the preserving of freedom we accompany first hand the finest demonstrations of its fundamental principles. However, when fully engaged with the companionship and simultaneous stroke of inspired action, we witness the perfect expression of its valor!”


“An extension of this principle is the concept of self-reliance. In its most fundamental terms we might even say that the degree to which a people are prosperous is directly related to the degree to which they are free. Free to engage in the unfettered exchange of their goods and services for those of another. When one is at liberty to express their personal industry, unobstructed by the divisiveness of government intervention, they simultaneous define and demonstrate the very meaning of Freedom and its dynamic multiplier, self-reliance!


The practical application of simple economics, as defined above in terms of the “functional economic model,” is brought to life in the domain of a self-reliant people, pure and simple. Do not be intoxicated with the simplicity of this seemingly anecdotal illustration; make no mistake, it is the very underpinnings of the American economic success story, it is, in fact, the iconic “for-profit model.” The basic and fundamental desire of man to be, do and have better! This is, in practice, the heart (the pulse) of the “native economy” and so grotesquely misunderstood! Whatever excesses or lawlessness it may have generated, which could easily have been cured by existing law and/or through judicial means, was and has always been made worse by the biased ambitions of misguided government intervention.


A vibrant and adaptable economic system creates wealth proportionate to the strength of its motive force. As we’ve seen in American economic history, this motive force has been profoundly efficient. It has fueled economic advancement the benefits of which have been dispersed the world over. The question of whether it works should, once and for all, be put to an end. Suffice it to say, it does (function quite well), but again only to the extent it is permitted! It has spawned economic growth and technological advancements to such a degree that the system was sufficiently productive to pull the world out of starvation, economic depression, tyrannical lapses in judgment (world wars) and through the later part of the 1960’s, with sufficient motive force to tolerate and fund, initially, explosive growth in government spending!


“The economic powerhouse of the American economic system is not simply capitalism; it is the expression of an instinctive and compelling urge masterfully practiced when in the hands of a free people operating in a just social environment.”


It is important to remember that this ALL happened not because of government, but in spite of it! The overwhelming preponderance of historical evidence is incontrovertible!


An economic system, such as that which existed in the U.S., is a highly charged environment. It operates in response to the most powerful form of compulsion which by its nature is inconspicuous and for this reason, nearly impossible to measure. Yet, its effects are clearly visible. It is the reason a demand exists and also the reason demand changes so abruptly. It is the origin of impulse and the arbiter of aversion. It is also an integral component of the system’s ability to adapt, to adjust, to reset itself. This form, the source of compulsion, is none other than man himself! It is a core quality; we are a creator of constant thought and constant state of action whether physical or mental. Even asleep, we are not at rest! Likewise, it is perfectly understandable that an extension of this motive force, when left to its most creative and inherent self-expressive nature, will produce a “thing” that bears the mark of its very creator. Like begets like, does it not?


By way of affirming both the previous and the following paragraph, I trust you’ll enjoy the subtitles of a simply wonderful quatrain. It belongs to the splendored genius of Omar Khayyam’s “Rubaiyat”:


“For in the Market-place, one Dusk of Day,

I watch’d the Potter thumping his wet Clay:

And with its all obliterated Tongue it murmur’d

‘Gently, Brother, gently, pray’!”


Yes, even the “wet clay” hopes for the fullest possible expression at the hand of man’s divinely inspired genius! To be sure, Nature’s forms are compelled by their own uniquely prescribed intentions.”



This piece truly characterizes the notion of  “On Point, On Purpose, In Practice”!  What becomes of it is, as it should always be,  A MATTER OF CHOICE!


Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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