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February 6, 2009

 One of the great thrills of writing these posting is that I get to exchange with you ideas that are crafted, largely, from spontaneous thoughts occurring in instances where I’m speaking in front of a group or I barking at the radio!

“Flat Earth Idolatry” (FEI)  is just one of the spontaneous thoughts!   I coined the word to capture the though of observed, by me of course,  instances were an event is being expressed as a “given” when in fact it is based on completely erroneous assumptions.  The kind of event that when one observes its occurrence you find yourself saying, “oh come one, who do they think they’re kidding!”

Here are a few FEI’s for you to consider:

□       Globalism:  The belief that by squandering a nations economic and political ideals/sovereignty, the world benefits.   In Fact: It sacrifices the many for the few.

□       Global Warming:  The belief that man is the cause of climate change and the cure is subjugation of inalienable rights is the cure.  In Fact: Man’s actions are significant only to Mankind,  Mother Earth will pay no mind – A volcano will still spew far more dangerous and abundant particulate matter far beyond that which is created by Man.  However, this is no license to be wretched! 

□       U.S. Financial Market Sector Security:  The belief that, at all costs, the U.S. Financial sectors preservation is inseparable and indispensable to U.S. Economic Health.  In Fact:  The “native economy” intuitive strength is the only reason we’ve survived, economically, despite the Government Beast.  This too, however, has its limits.  It showing!

□       Government Creates Opportunity:  The belief that Government Policy is essential to economic health.  In Fact:  It is presently and historically, proven to be the complete opposite.

□       Government Policy:  The belief that good governance is expressed only by intervention.  In Fact:  Good Governance is only the prohibition of intervention.  Government has never shown itself capable of producing a positive, self-sustaining, result.

□       We are a Nation of Laws: The notion that “detached-engagement” is a suitable substitute for principal and higher-purpose mandates.  In Fact: This is prima facie evidence for why we should cringe when this statement is uttered.    The truth of it is our greatest shame!

□       Economic Interests:  The belief that the notional abstract of economic interests is sufficient for unilateral surrender of reason.  In Fact:  It is the persistent and systemic application of this FEI that has accommodated the complete destruction of our once proud economic heritage.  We have vaporized the ideal of “value” and we now value “vapor”!

Each of these are worth a meaty discussion however, for obvious reasons, there’s neither time nor likely, interest, to go in to them in great detail (perhaps the subject for later postings) so let us tackle just one for now:  Economics.   To illustrate why the concept of Economics appears to be so muddled is primarily due to how the conversation on the subject is so bastardized, ergo, so misunderstood!  More importantly, this is precisely why the topic is one of the most classic forms of the FEI.  Why?  Because it can be so easily distorted to conform to what ever the communicators (or “handler”)  argument chooses to express.

For example, and this is very elementary, Keynesian Economic theory professes, fundamentally, the notion of central control of economic and financial activities.  This belief has largely been captured by practitioners of central governance as a fait accompli in as much as it supports there own FEI suggesting no one, but Government, is capable of grasping the complexity of an economic entity and therefore able to amass the resources necessary for its management. This presumed ideology has been in place (though the concepts existed in partial practice before hand) since President Roosevelt’s term and has largely gained support citing the post-WWII era economic boom as proof positive of its success and thereby, its validity.  

I, of course, completely disagree with the notion and, as proof of the FEI foot print, I offer the following “bullets” in comment form, for your consideration:

  1. Central (i.e., Government) control of the economic (which includes financial/banking sectors) has illustrated the flaw in this approach.
  2. Central control has no means to comprehend the native source of Economic Success, or for that matter, what I refer to as the “Native Economic Engine”.
  3. The Native Economic Engine is fueled by the concepts that lay back of Freedom and Liberty.  The Freedom to conceive of an economic resource and the Liberty to both bring it to life and to receive the rewards for having done so (I refer to this as the “Wealth Creating Engine”).
  4. Central control voids this concept of success by conscripting the “reward” component which in turn fractures the “native” ideal.
  5. Central control believes that it is the arbiter and originator of the “Wealth Creating Engine” and accordingly holds that as this is the case (or so it believes), it can then legislate and/or manage it’s procurement or evolution.
  6. Central control endorses wholesale “detached-engagement” by the Public as a means to perfect its position as arbitrator.
  7. Central control makes for efficient conscription of the process by Interests who are able to control or influence policy toward a desired and beneficial outcome.
  8. Central control voids the MOST FUNDIMENTAL, second only to the SUPREME requirement being the “Wealth Creating Engine”, requirement:  “Economic Adaptability” as a consequence and response to “torsional economic tensions”!

 Capitalism, which I will suggest is not (at all) what is practiced in this Country or its relatives in the Globalist-Economic Block, is when practiced a supremely adaptable concept which includes a native self-correcting element. 

The success of Post WWII America is not, at all, the result of Central/Keynesian Theory or modeling.  It is, in fact, fundamental proof of why FEI-Econ is, has been and will forever be, WRONG!  It defies every possible concept that is fundamental to a vibrant and adaptable economic reality.  

As alluded to above, however briefly, it is the residual effects of the inertial nature of past “native” economic success that has allowed this nation to survive as it has.  FEI- Economics has gravely mistaken this “native” resolve as being the product of its efforts when, in fact, it has survived despite Government interference.  

Once the Obama-mania has subsided,  and it will quicker than you think,  the truth of this statement will be a painful pill to swallow!  Once the “soma” wears off, the ranks of the unimpressed are going to swell with the foam of an increasingly angry people!

As I’m often want to say:

Bad Government reserves the right to define what it expresses even when what it expresses can not be defined!   


When Government no longer fears the consequence of its actions, it also no longer possess the prohibitions that would otherwise prevent it from doing so!

Think Globally?  Best NOT!  There’s no other habitable planet, at least that we know of!   No, I think its far better to “Do Reverently!”   Park your “hybrid” and live conviction instead!  Trust me,  the car could care less!

Don’t hold on to your genius!  Give it to mankind by expressing it!  Reverently!

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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