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Nullification – When Government Becomes Something Else?

Recent Supreme Court decisions have once again caused the reemergence of a longstanding conflict in search of a direct answer: What form of recourse is there or process in place to counter the actions believed to be Unconstitutional? In practical terms there isn’t a single one and the truth is, I believe it the best possible design.

There have been attempts to expand the options and one of the earliest was proffered by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. Based on the assertion that States could deem any Federal Law (which, theoretically could include a Decision of a Federal Court being an extension of the Federal Gov’t) unconstitutional if outside the delegated authority prescribed by the Constitution. The idea was known as Nullification.

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Kinetic Behavioral Dynamics & the Essential Compass

Always an engaging topic for interactive presentation, listen to Curtis Greco “tease the conversation” on the topic he’s developed entitled Kinetic Behavioral Dynamics.  You’ll enjoy the subject and you’ll want to know more!

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As if there isn’t bumbling on this topic sufficient to cover the planet with a thick coat of grey sludge, it seems unavoidable that someone – sooner or later – should touch on the most critically important point that none in the media dare tackle! The “topic” of course is the much maligned Arizona Immigration Law and the missing abstracts of relevance that are ignored!


I’ve been combing through the “grey sludge” since the beginning and still, I don’t see the topic raised, still, I see no one, not even the Arizona Governor, address the issue with any real, “…well as a matter of fact…” – depth.

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Marriage Divide

April 16, 2009

Wow, can’t believe I’m trapping myself into this discussion. However, I’m being reminded that “I Stand 4” speaking on issues where “flat earth idolatry” is most conspicuous. So then, if I truly stand for what I confess then I must confess a stand! 

I have a saying which you may find interesting, however a fair warning! It is one of those true statements that possess a great deal of tension:  it’s that true!

“Often one finds contempt in their heart for another only to find the torment being that of your own conscience, staring at you in disgust!”

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