Failure and Why!

January 1, 2009

January 20th will mark the first official day of the new Administration.   There is a great deal of hope saturating the nuance-of-the-day-term “Change”.   Several million people switched party lines and even more ignored reason, principal and purpose on this nebulous concept.   It’s not the first time, either!

I’ve ceded my hope that someone would be able to crystallize the substantive reason(s) for the near puerile form of euphoria we are witnessing and I’ve replaced it with another form of inquiry.  It, the inquiry,  is both a statement and a question:  Failure and Why!

As I’ve written and commented on the subject previously I’ll not waste time reviewing the various and relevant points that form the mortar of my observations,  I’ll leave that to your curiosity.  None the less, I’m going to toss your way a few cues that we all might want to watch for as the days, months and years of the New Administrations tenure pass.

First:  “Why

1. The Obama administration will: 

a.  Continue the practices of flooding problems (social, economic and global) with the practice of reckless and thoughtless action, vis-à-vis,  more taxpayer money.  Dysfunctional Stimulus!!

b.  Not only will this be fueled by the euphoria-induced stupor of the Public,  it will be presumed to be righteous and in turn,  license the unilateral restructuring of the Government, it’s policies and its practices by both the Executive Branch and the Democrat-Controlled Congress.

c.  This restructuring and licensing will give rise to even further spending that will further expand existing social programs and most striking of all will be the penetration of the Private Economic Sector, by the Government,  for further Stimulus and Economic Reconnoitering! 

d. Expect to see comments like “Americans have a right to own their own home!”,  “Americans have a “Right to have Universal Health Care!” (it is important to remember the “universal” is code word for “free”) , “The Rich need to be taxed more!”  etc.  However, no mention will be made of how exactly this will all be paid for.

e.  Mr. Obama, having no functional economic, political, financial, legal and international experience, what so ever,  will solve the intellectual void  by surrounding himself with the inevitable “experts” and “Tsars” who will feed him the “truths”,  well at least as they see them,  and the results will be,  as they ALWAYS are,  predictable.  

f.  The U.S. will be further entrenched in the chaos of the Middle East from which there is no return!

Now then: “Failure

2. The results of these, to name but a few, will be as I predict,  the following:

a. Federal Spending will push  U.S. Debt up in to the plus $15 Trillion range, not including, of course, the current $107 Trillion unfunded Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid programs.   Despite the fact that the Obama Administration will likely better than double the Federal Debt load,  within 24 months,  he will still use the excuse that he inherited the problem from the “Bush Administration”.

b.  Further Political fracturing of the U.S. Social Structure directly related to Policies and Practices of the Congress. 

c. Further fracturing of the U.S. Economy by increased Federal & State fiscal and legislative burden.

e.  Further debasing of U.S. Economic stability as the last of the once economic self-sustaining U.S. wealth creating engine makes it’s last gasp in its dying effort to process one last combustion cycle.

f.  The effects of these will be the ever accelerating plunder of the U.S. Financial system: you will witness before your eyes the mass failure and extinction of Financial Enterprises which will be consumed by large Entities who’s practices will be subsidized by the U.S. Treasury (the Taxpayer) because you will be told that it is necessary to save the U.S. Economy but they will not be able to tell you how or when!    Six to Eight months later,  this newly created entity will also fail and there will be no explanation available for why it happened and none will be held accountable for it.  

However, and my last comment on the subject for now,…it’s just to damned depressing to know this stuff!!!

g.  The Congress will,  more and more,  ignore their duty to the Constitution by ignoring the will of the people.   They’ll have no choice of course because:  so long as you control the conversation,  you control the outcome!   And, further,  each Politician knows the fundamental rules for political survival: we can call it whatever we want so long as we don’t have to say what it is!

My observations are the result of a fundamental reality of life:  with every action there is an equal and opposite reaction,  and no,  EVEN Mr. Obama will not be able to change that!   The direction will be precisely and only what it will be  because it can occur no other way!

 We are no longer a Nation of Individuals Inspired by and bound to and Common Ideal!   We have traded this Inspired Bond for Conspired Indifference!  If you don’t understand what I mean, you will witness it, quite literally, over the days, months and years to come!  It will come from above and will appeal to the bottom and  the middle, will be no more!

If you choose, you can be a part of a life changing experience, in EVERY facet of life!

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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