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Wall Street Collapsing; Proof of Failure!

The Casino-at-Wall Street proves the depths of how seriously the U.S. Economy has been disemboweled; proof of the policy of economic detachment simulating a Greek Tragedy.

The real measure of economic viability is a Nations Re-Investment in itself; it drives productivity, it drives expansion, it drives development in education and technological advancement(s), it drives efficiency, it drives employment and it drives upward economic mobility while simultaneously reinforcing social stability none of which can be performed by Government intervention.

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The History of Self-Destruct

Any casual observer of history will observe the many cultures that, appearing to approach a perfecting ideal, opt instead for failure. In our present era we are living what will become history in due course and some have pressed forth the question; will we self-destruct? Others, still, believe we have passed the point of no return whereas I continue to believe that at any point along the timeline chaos can be forced into retreat. Dominance merely occurs when none dare speak and act in opposition to a recurring fantasy.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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WiNiP v10.10a – What is Spoken, What is Heard

What I Noticed in Passing….

“The obvious is most often only conspicuous by intention.  We observe what is shown yet what needs to be known is often obscured and deliberately so.”


There is a great tension in the air, a great uneasiness of opaque expectancies lurking about and I dare say, as I’ve written at great length in the Blind Vision Series, the well crafted and tenaciously managed structure of the Political Über-Structure at last appears to be exposing its naked indifference.

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“Circum-Sal-Ation” – A Pandemic Art

Last week I was afforded a wonderful opportunity to share the airwaves with Denny Schaffer, a wonderful host of a vibrant talk show broadcasting on 920 WGKA in Atlanta, Ga.  We were talking about the dismal failure of the Stimulus Bill and the vacuity of the Wall Street Financial Reform Bill which had passed earlier in the day.

Denny’s show became the first public appearance of a new term which I had coined to express what no single word seems capable of doing.  My regular readership will not be particularly surprised by this as I do my own fair share of “wordsmithing.”

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Failure and Why!

January 1, 2009

January 20th will mark the first official day of the new Administration.   There is a great deal of hope saturating the nuance-of-the-day-term “Change”.   Several million people switched party lines and even more ignored reason, principal and purpose on this nebulous concept.   It’s not the first time, either!

I’ve ceded my hope that someone would be able to crystallize the substantive reason(s) for the near puerile form of euphoria we are witnessing and I’ve replaced it with another form of inquiry.  It, the inquiry,  is both a statement and a question:  Failure and Why!

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